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If you visit band or lyrics websites, you may often see extra tracks in discographies described as being 'Japanese bonus tracks'. This is in part due to CD prices in Japan. To stop shops from buying cheap from abroad, the Japanese version may include an extra song.
Lost Prophets, OutKast, Sonata Arctica, Pain of Salvation, Less Than Jake to name some of the artists with Japanese bonus tracks that come up first in a Google search.
by Mark_H July 12, 2006

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"Entropia" is the first album from swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation, 1997. The title is merge of 'entropy' and 'utopia'.
Track list:

1. ! (Foreword)
2. Welcome To Entropia
3. Winning A War
4. People Passing By
5. Oblivion Ocean
6. Stress
7. Revival
8. Void Of Her
9. To The End
10. Never Learn To Fly Japanese bonus track
11. Circles
12. Nightmist
13. Plains Of Dawn
14. Leaving Entropia (Epilogue)
by Mark_H July 12, 2006

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