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A selfish, narcisstic, egotistical person in the gym or fitness center. One who is a bodybuilder (see also body builders) or aspiring strength maniac who usually looks at others with disdain unless they need them for a spot. They almost never put their weights away when they're done with their exercise -- sometimes leaving a pile of 45's (45-pound plates) next to the machine or leaving a heavy load of plates remaining on the machine. They usually either wear shredded, revealing clothes or hide their bodies (or bacne) under thick, cotton sweatshirts and sweatpants. They also might wear heavy clothes to keep warm and avoid the chills from feeling so lousy while they are in ketoacidosis and dropping body fat before bodybuilding competition. Or, maybe they just prefer old school cotton sweatshirts over newer synthetic fitness attire.

The extreme muscleheads appear to be angry and on the verge of an outburst, possibly a state of roid rage. If you are on a machine that they want to use, they are likely to just stand nearby and stare at you while you are exercising, instead of asking you how many sets you have remaining or whether they can 'work in.' The extremists also tend to drop weights or toss dumbbells after their last repetition.

Think ... the gym version of a road hog in traffic.
Dude, YOU ask that musclehead to put his plates away!
by Mark Bostrom January 13, 2007

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