2 definitions by Maria b. a

That one boy who youll caught your on the first second you see them that boy who will treat you amazing that boy who is caring,hot,funny,kind he loves u even if u been together for 2 days
Damn i wish i was jenserics girlfriend
by Maria b. a October 11, 2017
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a awesome friend that you'll love with your life but can also be the most perfect boyfriend ever he can be kind smart sweet and a Gentleman he will treat girls like they want to be treated he is smart nice sweet handsome funny and brave and the only thing he is scared of is losing his friends or the love of his life. you will fall in love with so much even when you Break up he will still love you but as a friend and you will spend hours and hours talking to him on the phone I consider you to find your self a wide boyfriend or friend
1#omg he is so cute I think I love him .😍
I love Wido he is the best friend in the 2#whole world.💘😢
by Maria b. a December 20, 2016
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