1 definition by Mari.yeeted. Or. Be yeeted

1. that feeling when you know you have no one, but yourself. You’re all you got. You’re overwhelmed with isolation. You need someone to love you & you need someone to love. Not necessarily a boyfriend or girlfriend. It could just be a friend. Anyone you could share your thoughts, secrets, and dreams. you’re just sick & tired of having no one. You’re struggling by yourself. No ones there for you. You see people laughing & so happy with their friends, you get jealous or just wish to have something like that. but you don’t. at the end of the day, you go home by yourself.
If you’re struggling with lonelines because you haven’t found someone yet, I promise you, things will get better. You’re going to meet the greatest friend ever & you’ll never have to fear doing things alone. Hang on there, buddy.

Loneliness : having no one there for you.
by Mari.yeeted. Or. Be yeeted February 28, 2019