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The official lunch food of old white people at board meetings, hate filled New Yorkers, and residents of old-folk homes. Symbolizes oppression and the constricting restraints of today's society. The only cure for boiled goose related stuffyness is a boombox. But DO NOT turn on the turbo bass.
Did you see the lame spread at that stuffy country club?

Yeah, sauerkraut and boiled goose. gross.
by margoleilaman April 03, 2009
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A Halyn is a mythical fearie of the ancient norse lands who is known for her beauty and skills with a bowing knife. Considered to be extremely luckey when spotted whilst frollicking in the forest, many have tried to capture the majesty of the Halyn to keep for themselves. However, this can never be done! The Halyn is a free spirit and cannot be kept down!!!
I tried to catch me a Halyn, but that pickled faerie snack was too quick for me!
by MargoLeilaman December 23, 2009
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What Joni Mitchell does with a redneck on a Grecian Isle, as referenced in the song "California" on the album "Blue" from 1971.
"I met a redneck on a Grecian Isle. We did the Goat Dance Very Well. He gave me back my smile, but he kept my camera to sell."
-Joni Mitchell
Blue, 1971
by margoleilaman April 29, 2009
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