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4Chan is the Internets Medieval Black Knight.

In old Tales, Knights would face off against the infamous "Black Knight". Normally these Knights would never take off their helmet, as they are supposed to be the antagonistic force of life going against the protagonist. The protagonist usually being a White Knight in shining armor, thinking they can defeat the Black Knight easily only for the true Hero to step up and save them instead.

In turn, 4Chan has become the antagonistic force of the Internet. A force needed in order to keep up the balance of "good" and "evil" especially in a time where most think of themself as the white knights of old. Thinking their take and their ideals are what will bring the world to a better future, while making themself look like Fake Paragons of Virtue.

At the end, 4Chan welcomes everyone and anyone. As long as you respect their culture they will respect you. If you are called a slur, just call them a slur back. Its like saying hello. But do one thing to disrespect 4Chan culture and they will let you know they dont want you there.
4Chan is more real than the rest of the Internet will ever be.
by Mardubar March 11, 2023
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