10 definition by Marco St. John

Combination of "absolutely" and "brilliant"; used excessively by English folk, often in hyperbole.

Sometimes written "absbril".
You know that show "Friends"? I love it, it's absbrill.
by Marco St. John November 08, 2005

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1. (v) To have sexual relations with someone, normally a female human. A multi-layered term commonly stated matter-of-factly and used to express a feeling of indifference as to whether or not the speaker actually gets to have intercourse with the subject of the verb while simultaneously meaning that the speaker would greatly enjoy it if he were able to get it on with the subject.
<i>an extremely attractive young woman walks by two men sitting on a stoop</i>

Man 1: I'd pull rank on that shit.
Man 2: Fer schnizzle, sweetback?
Man 1: Yeah you know, I wouldn't put any effort into it though.
Man 2: I dunno, I'd porkinz the hell outta her. She was fine.
Man 1: I dunnnno dude... anyway I'm through with spacin' gs for now, let's go chief.
Man 2: Hell yeah.
by Marco St. John June 25, 2004

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to take it to the house; go all out and do it real properlike. real horrorshow.
Hell yeah we're going out tonight; we're gonna do it to it.
by Marco St. John May 03, 2005

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