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Many people all around the world believe that McFly is a great band!!One of them is ME! whats wrong with this people ha? Are all of them Crazy? Know that many don't like that kind of music....pop music! Some of you might like Rock music...Metal of hip hop..or any other kind you might like! But that's not an explanation for humiliating a band that gives a 100 % of what he can! Even though just so you know they wont give a damn for what you say! There not the kind of people getting on stage playing play back....with others playing the music and others have written their songs! the DO write the lyrics...they come up with their own music and sing it for the people who wanna listen! and i want to inform you that this people are BILLIONS!!!! your only 1 or maybe more....but who cares? as you maybe already know....the most WIN!!!!!
McFly.....save your words for something that you're sure you'll achieve....I'm not against you but i believe that no one alone can change the world!And no one can change McFly!!Because McFly are part of the world!!
by Mar.McFly July 05, 2009
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