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Referring to the University. A fine academic institution comprised of people who are generally shallow, with no real depth, besides material things. Imaturity runs rampant. I am at Elon, in one of the best (Top 3 ~ there is no best, ours probably is top for the upcoming class, though) Fraternities. Too damn immature. I am transferring next Semester. Peace Bitches.

Oh, and you will hear "Let's get fucked up"
1 - Hey how was your night last night
2 - "Awesome, Man, I got so fucked up"
1 - Really, what did you do?
2 - "Ha man, just got fucked up"
1 - You are a dumbass

This is of course not true of all people, especially in some fraternities.

Too many queers.

Too many gelled hairs.

Too many dirty, rich, northerners.
As opposed to wealthy, well-brought up northerners or southerners.
Gel your hair and be a homosexual.
by Man of Morals November 22, 2004
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