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She is sweet, adorable, witty, fun. She brightens a room with her million dollar smile and can see into your soul with her shockingly beauitful blue eyes. She is honest and helpful, delightful and charming. She is loved by all that surround her and never spares an opportunity to give it in return. She is a blessing to have in your life making each day an exciting new adventure just waiting to begin. She can have a temper at times but that is just because she is strong and determined; which are good traits to have. She is silly and can be caught dancing at times to no music at all just that sweet little tune in her heart. To have an Adyssey in your life is a true gift one to be treasured always!
Daddy got caught pulling an Adyssey this morning. (ex. dancing in the bathroom or while doing dishes.)
by MamaBrielle March 24, 2013

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