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noun. Gaming. A strategy that seeks to provide means for overcoming a challenge (e.g. a boss fight) not by engaging with the challenge itself but rather by bypassing it altogether. It is oftentimes exploitative of a game's mechanics, taking advantage of oversights in game balance made by the developers to easily deal with an obstacle.

Cheese strategies trivialize challenging content, by either speeding the process up immensely to eliminate the challenge or by making it nigh impossible to fail (e.g. through creating means to infinitely heal oneself). One could distinguish between "fast cheese" and "slow cheese".

Not to be confused with glitch exploits. Cheese strategies always work within the bounds of the game.
A: Hey, I just can't beat this boss, this one move just kills me every time.
B: Oh yeah, I struggled with him too. But there's this cheese strategy using this set of armor and a combination of potions that makes you pretty much invincible so I managed to get past him.
by Malvora November 1, 2020
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