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The Pooter Askew (scientific name- AssCheese Pooderferous) is a rare species of human being, only one is known to exist in the entire world and resides in a small town commonly refered to as Tiverton. The Pooter has an attraction to all things ugly, including fat bitches, ugly bitches, ugly fat bitches or just bitches. It is believed that this attraction has stemmed from an evolutionary need to get whatever he can get and ride that ass like it's the commonly known species D-Shab. The call of the Pooter is a mix of low end and mid ranged tones played using a thumb and pointer finger on almost any stringed instrument, placed over unnecesary time signatures such as 68/42 (By use of time warp). Finally, the trait most identified with the Pooter Askew is his over all sissyness, infact it has become a way to identify someone who is too afraid to do something simple however naughty in nature.
Person 1: "Dude what's your problem you're acting like a Pooter Askew"
by Malicous Melvin July 06, 2008
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