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There are many definitions for moshing on the urban dictionary, mostly involving metal heads. Nobody bothered with the punk side of moshing. Moshing at a punk show isn't beating people up, it's dancing out your anger, usually in a more violent form of skanking. It can involve things like spinning, jumping, and piggy back rides, usually in a circle pit. When you fall down in a mosh pit at a punk show, people help you up instead of trampling you. Tere is usually an unspoken code of conduct that everyone follows, except that one asshole that everyone hates. Moshing is really fun and stress relieving, and you sleep like a baby afterwards. You get bruises a lot of the time
I went to see the vandals last night and I moshed so had I slept for 18 hours. Moshing is so much fun!
by Malicious Mischief June 15, 2013
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