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A phrase from the film Back to the Future. It was used in the movie by the Doc to voice concern that something needs to be more powerful.

Today, we use the same phrase to explain that things need to be more powerful or better.
Jon: Dude, my MP3 player can't hold anymore songs. It's only 256MB.

Mike: Needs more jiggawatts.


Sam: This computer is too slow.

Judy: Needs more jiggawatts.


Mary: I bought a used Geo Metro. Needs more jiggawatts.

Beth: Hells yea.


Sam: How do you like these wings? I made them extra spicy.

Tony: Needs more jiggawatts!
by malcolmdog January 04, 2006
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The noob cannon of The Specialists. It is almost definately a one-shot kill gun in a light and manuverable package. It is comparable to the Barret in power and recoil. It is also called "the pocket barret", "RB" and "Bull".

In reality, the Raging Bull is a large five shot revolver made by Taurus. Chambered for the .454 Casull round.
Player 1 was pwned by Player 2 with the Raging Bull.

Player 1: OMFG lamer! Put down the fucking Raging Bull and get a real gun.

Player 2: STFU nubby.
by Malcolmdog November 19, 2005
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Play The Game. Abbriviation when you just want everyone to STFU and get back to the game. Classically used in The Specialists mod for Half-Life.
Usually, it is said when people are in a huge arguement.
<player 1> You're a nub the raging bull sucks!
<player 2> Your mom sucks!
<player 1> omg you suck! Learn to play the game.
<player 3> STFU AND PTG!
by malcolmdog June 17, 2005
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