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MEANING: A skinny or fat (not normal weight) child of the ugly sort that is of extreme annoyance to you or your friends and that is also suspected to be a faggot.(has to be a boy)

PRONUNCIATION: poot-dee, or poo-tu-dee

ORGIN: I made it up today (June 17 2009) to describe this annoying kid at the Day camp I go to.
Jayden: *sigh*
Ryan: *rat like voice* hi guys *snort* wanna go play legos? ya wanna? ya wanna? *scratches his ass*
Jayden: no...
Ryan: fo shizzle dawg *snort* I see how it is homie!
Jayden: no..you fail, dont even try.
Ryan: okay dawg! *leaves*
Kirsten: damn he's annoying.
Jayden: little rat-face pootdy, that's what he is.

*both laugh*

NOTE: ryan is a skinny little rat faced kid
by Maiko Ishii June 17, 2009
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