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A nice, hansom, 17 year old boy that is famous off of youtube. He is signed and has 5 singles out, "Heart in my hand, 11:11, Say Somethin, Say You're Just a Friend and his latest, What About Love." His album, Junior Year is coming out Fall 2013. Austin Mahone sang mostly Justin Bieber songs to become famous. Austin Mahone is going to have a #1 single soon. His fanbase is called "Mahomies." Justin Bieber says it is a honor to be called Justin Bieber. Austin Mahone has a slogan, "Haters Gonna Hate, Mahomies Gonna Love." Austin Mahone is perfect.
Have you heard that new single by Austin Mahone?

It was amazing, i'm a huge mahomie.

I loved that Austin Mahone blog, "mymahomieaustin" on Tumblr
by MahomieForLive June 07, 2013
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