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(n.) Somebody who always has the better price or better deal on an item than you no matter how cheap you got it for. This type of person also seems to get the hottest and most popular items out long before their release somehow.They think very highly of themselves because of this and they frequently belittle those who bought items at a higher price than they did.
Suzie Q: "Wow I got such a sweet deal on my new 32 in. LED TV that I got today! $200 bucks what a steal!"

Joe Schmo:"HAHA! loser I got that same TV you had for only $130 and that was 2 weeks before it came out. You got ripped the hell off and you should shop better and get good deals like me."

Suzie Q: "Joe, you're fucking annoying. Stop being such a Price Hipster nobody gives a rat's ass about how much of a better deal you got."
by MagicMann January 25, 2013
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