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The Ottawa Senators... The team that defines glory and perseverence. The Senators were the one of the first teams to be in the NHL in 1917. The team was founded in 1893. The Senators have won 9 Stanley Cups in 1909,1910 twice, 1911 twice 1920,1921,1923 and 1927. There name was the Ottawa Silver Seven back in the years of 1900-1908. They were the 3rd team in NHL history to win the Lord Stanley Cup. The first team in history... The Winnipeg Victorias in 1900. Yet the team folded in 1934, They came back in the 1991-1992 as an expansion class with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Senators first playoff experience, 1997-1998 against the New Jersey Devils. They won the Presedent's Trophy in 2002-2003 with a team high 113 points in the Eastern Division. So...This defenition of the Ottawa Senators is probably the best one out there in the world
There is a team that is great then the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Montreal Canadiens, it's the Ottawa Senators
by Mackenzie "Max" December 03, 2006

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