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Most of you know next to nothing about Macs, after reading a few entries.

A. Macintoshes are upgradable. I'm sorry, is PCI/PCI Express not good enough for you?
B. Macintoshes are way faster than Winblows. It's been proven in benchmark test after benchmark test. Just because a computer has a higher clock speed doesn't mean that it's faster. Ever heard of CHIP STRUCTURE? Kthx.
C. Macintoshes were the /ORIGINAL/ personal computer. GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEADS.
D. They aren't paperweights. I'm using a Mac right now damnit. Anyone with HALF A FUCKING BRAIN knows that Macs are useful. Your little Windows mags even use Macs in their art department. Mhm, that's right.
Miscellaneous points from others' entries:
"Then Bill Gates bought Steve Jobs out of NeXT" You've lost your mind. Apple Computer Inc. bought out NeXT under Gil Amelio's reign as CEO.
"Adobe abandoned them" Yes, that's why they still actively develop Mac apps. What a steel trap mind you've got!!
" Then OSX came out on a Linux platform" What the fuck? Stop being an idiot, you don't know what you're talking about.

You may have used Macs at some point in your lifetime, doesn't mean you know everything about them. Stop spreading BS.

" that cant run any good programs." Macs started the desktop publishing revolution, were the first computers to run Excel natively, were the first computers to run Photoshop natively ... the list goes on and on.

"Macintosh is an OS which no common people can find a use for," *SNORTSNORTSNORT* Even Windows magazine publishers use Macs in their art departments. Idiot much?

"out there" - I already responded to your little shitty entry. (: ^ there

"A large expensive paperweight typically favored by granola lovers and those who prefer not to be able to use a computer for anything worth while." You are a fucking IDIOT. Just read above, kthx. And what the hell does granola have to do with Macs? You're obviously some high-and-mighty little egotist ... so please, get over yourself.

There, I pwned all your posts in just one single post! (: Kthx. < 333333
"I bought a Macintosh! I'm so happy, I can /finally/ get things done =DDDDDD"
by Mac user gal April 04, 2006
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