10 definitions by Mac The Ripper

What choo doing there in maralago throwing them winds to Chicago? Sam Bam?
by Mac The Ripper January 21, 2018
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Sam Bam Ganga Wonga is you know like that shit, like what you said, I don't know, all over that like Yeah.
or I don't know.
"Yo man. What you doing in there?"

"Sam Bam Ganga Wonga"
by Mac The Ripper April 08, 2018
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Skanky person; typically a woman. A slut, trashy whore, nasty trollep that you dont want to be seen with cause you would be tarnished and most likely have caught an std.
That bitch whore is flapping her cunt lair all over Ray now. I wouldnt be caught dead with that scanerch!
by Mac The Ripper November 12, 2017
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No. The oppositte of yes. NO!
Natty do you want to ever grow up? "Netho." Ok fine, be a baby forever then. Do u want some ice cream? "Netho." Whatever!
by Mac The Ripper September 27, 2012
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When you do not respond to a poke on facebook.
I went to poke my Jenny on facebook and it said "Jennifer has not responded to your last poke." I hate it when she is a nonpokeresponder. Guess I'll just have to go to her house and give her a real poke. Later.
by Mac The Ripper June 14, 2012
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pvp of PVP - spanish or mexican slang for pinche viejo pendejo (meaning old fucking bastard or asshole).
Man look at all the pvp's in the bar tonite! Looks like were gonna have to listen to a bunch of frank sinatra and old country crap from the looks of these feisty fossilized geezers!
by Mac The Ripper September 25, 2012
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another meaning for cat, kitten, kitty or feline.
Awww look at the cute little fiwi. "I shoulda been a fiwi~.... I shoulda learned to lick my asssss~"
by Mac The Ripper September 27, 2012
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