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Using your training in the deadly arts to move in, steal, and hook up with the person your buddy has been trying to hook up with all night. Basically a last second sneak-attack.
Dude why did you have to cock-block me like that right before bar close?
Sorry man but my cock-block kung fu has far surpassed yours young padowan
by MMA J February 07, 2010

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something that is homosexual or when someone does something really stupid or unintelligent or an act that would imply homosexuality. Also a very lousy situation.

in reference to the first state in the USA to allow same sex marriage
I have to go shopping at the mall with my wife so I'm missing the Super Bowl.

"Dude you are so M.A.!"

Or..."This night has been so M.A.!"
by MMA J February 07, 2010

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