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The only place ever where you can say you hate it but keep coming back. Home of the state run by High School kids who only wear abocrombie. The providence place mall is the best place ever and dave and busters is the greatest place ever.Beaches are great if you love beaches and you have to know someone to do anything and if you know someone you can do whatever you want. Oakland Beach is the place and other than hendricken no one cares about your school. Del's water and lemon is the only good flavor. If you dont know what Dunkin Donuts is then you better get out even though most rhode islanders dont know how to spell doughnut. Everyone knows who you are and vice versa. Everyone has a story about every night and you will always remember them. And if your going to eat anywhere please go to federal hill.
Im going 100 on the highway should i slow down

nahh man were in Rhode Island my dad will get us out of it
by MIDNIGHT FROMRI November 18, 2008

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