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This girl is the sweetest chick out there. She won't betray you, she'll remain loyal to you, just like your bitch. she's short, fun, and outgoing even though she may seem shy at first. She won't be later on. She knows how to have fun. Her hair is superrrrr pretty, long and black. Yahairi's have a tendency to grow into a beautiful/even more gorgeous woman. She gets all the guys, but she's not a hoe. Many people have hate towards them for no apparent reason or for a dumb reason. But if you ever meet one, don't let her slip away<3
Boy #1: I met this girl last night, she had the best personality, A great body, and some long hair.

Boy #2: Dude, was she a YAHAIRI?
Boy #1: She definitely was!
by MAOLIANG November 22, 2012

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