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A complete disaster masquerading as a supposedly factual on-line encyclopedia. It was created as an alternative to the alleged "liberal bias" of Wikipedia in order to "protect the children" as it were. In fact, it is doing more harm than good because the information posted as factual is very often wrong, dangerously incomplete, or an outright falsehood. Use of Conservapedia as a primary source of information is not advised.
Little did Andy Schlafly realize how Conservapedia elevate deliberate ignorance to a whole new level.
by M T March 24, 2007

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Marvel Comics character that first appeared in the early 1970's (Johnny Blaze) and was reintroduced in the early 1990's (Danny Ketch). The Ghost Rider was a human being who served as the living host for The Spirit of Vengeance. In order to battle evil, the Ghost Rider took on the form of a leather clad motorcycle driver with a flaming skull for a head.

Though he would fight with his enemies using a length of chain or his bare hands, the Ghost Rider's most powerful weapon was the "Penance Gaze/Penance Stare". By locking his eyes with his enemy, that enemy would then experience all the pain and suffering they had ever inflicted on others through the eyes of their victims.
Nicholas Cage recently starred as Johnny Blaze in that awful Ghost Rider movie.
by M T April 17, 2007

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