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Algeria for dummies:

Yes, politically an Arab country, majority are of berber ethnicity (first settlers of North Africa). Yes the French colonised it, one of France's bloodiest wars in fact, pretty heartbreaking; however it's people fought back and won their independence.
Little Mediterranean coast to the North, can get green in some parts, 90% is pretty much desert, not much to do or see, not safe, yea has a history of terrorism. If you really want to see North Africa, I suggest Morocco, maybe Tunisia, nowhere else really. If you are that eager to visit I highly recommend you learn some easy and useful Algerian Arabic (dialect) or French, English is useless over there. Get used to people staring at you like an alien from Jupiter. You will most likely need a Visa, yes even for Americans, country not that fond of America.

And by the way, go to Morocco, far better, safer, nicer, etc.
I am in the desert, there is only one nice hotel in the entire country, people look at me funny, I am in Algeria.
by LynnHome January 3, 2017
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