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One of the sickest Bay Area Rappers alive. On level with Mac Dre. Also known as the New Jim Jones and Dre Dogg
A deadly mix at 6 foot 6 I'm sorta like a Tower, or a tanker, a mothafuckin Iraq tanker. Niggas step up and get dropped like an anchor.

-Andre Nickatina
by Lurchylurch May 27, 2006
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the stupidest damn thing in the world, done by emo fags.
starts a downward spiral...

1)Some dumbass emo kid decides that its life sucks(parents,no friends, boy/girlfriend broke up, or some other "deep emotional pain".

2)The said dumbass cuts himself to relieve pain.

3)Any friends the person did have try to help but eventually give up on them for being vaginas and not growing up and dealing with life.

4)Emo fag is deppressed since his friends left so he cuts.

5)Repeat steps 3 & 4

6)Eventually emo kid starts hanging out with other emo kids and they brood together in a dark room or hot topic and cut themselves more.
emo kid: I emo cut myself because it is the only pain that I have control of.

normal person: Just because you have control over pain doesn't make it less painful. cutting does nothing for you exept make you more emotionally unstable and alienates you from real friends and family. Quit being a little vagina and hidding from your problems. Grow up and deal with life.

emo kid: Your logical thoughts make me deppressed
by LurchyLurch May 07, 2006
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