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Sega CD is a gaming console add-on which was released in late 1992. You must have a Sega Genesis to use it. While most of the games for Sega CD were lackluster to horrible, there are about 10-15 games which are *awesome*, many unavailable on any other console. Sonic CD, Lunar 1 & 2, Silpheed, Vay, Shining Force CD and Samurai Showdown are examples of its exceptional games. While only occasionally improving the graphics drastically over Sega Genesis, music was almost always improved tenfold. Many people are surprised to hear the Sega CD sold well over 5 million units worldwide and has over 200 games.
"I heard Sega CD sucked"
"Sega CD sucks unless you get the right games"
by Lugatz February 07, 2005

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