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The hottest, sexiest, most beautiful, lovely, enchanting, amazing, awesome, fun, crazy, did i mention sexy, hilarious, funny, did i mention amazing, Girl in the World. 110% The perfect girl. Awkwardly non-awkard. The dictionary definition of every adjective listed above. She lifts the spirits of anyone who is around her, and makes them smile like :D. She is the single BEST girl in the world. She is easy to get along with, not too shy, but not too outgoing, and she always know's the perfect time for a joke. She always says the most hilarious joke, with perfect timing, and an incredible laugh following. She has a very gentle heart, a benign smile, and is very kind. If you were to sum her up into two words, they would be PERFECT GIRL. It is annoyingly almost impossible to get her to make a decision, but she's cute enough to not have to. The way she makes you feel is not possible to describe, but to try and express it would only bring up words as closely possible to complete bliss, happiness, joy, elation, etc. She IS love ad beauty put into one, and she lives a life filled with it too.

...also the hardest to shop for on Valentines day, when you have to think out of the triangle!
Bro: Hey I'm the luckiest man in the world!

Friend: Why?

Bro: Im dating Shoshana!

Friend: OMG u r the luckiest guy in the world!!!
Girl: What does he think of me?
Friend:He thinks you're a Shoshana!
Girl: OMG YAY!
by LuckiestGuyInTheWorld February 04, 2012

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