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One who is deficient in life or continually fails to live up to expectations;
One who continually lives up to expectations of poor performance;
A Crichton is a "massive cat", he promised so much yet failed to deliver on anything


S Cabdy is a "massive Cat" he continues to be pasted.
by Lucas Georgiadis May 08, 2005
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Member of a group who is considered a disappointment when compared with the superior achievements of Other group Members.
Calling a person Pickle is Personifying the Mc Donalds Pickle, that when found in a burger is considered a let down when compared to ther other contents of the burger.
An alternative for the expression "Ugly Duckling"
Kylie and Dannie Mingoe's brother is the family pickle

That Nick sure is a Pickle, his family are all so good looking and really smart- I don't know what went wrong with him.
by Lucas Georgiadis May 08, 2005
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