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1): Corsica is a little island, in Mediterranean. It belongs to the France. This island is one of the most beautiful on earth. It is divided on two departments, so there is no capital, but the two main cities are Bastia and Ajaccio. Corsica is the home of an important person for the Democracy, Pascal Paoli. Napoleon Bonaparte was also Corsican. Nowadays, the island is a touristic one, based on luxury tourism. We can also find in Corsica one of the most important european nightclub.

2): Corsica is a car, made by Chevrolet.

3): A lot of cities in the USA are named Corsica.
I live in Corsica, I'm french.

I'm driving a Corsica.

I live in Corsica, South Dakota.
by Luann-fr October 22, 2008
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