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The best thing to ever happen to me. Robyn has changed my life...just by being in it. She makes me a better person<3 Robyn is the most beautiful girl you will ever lay eyes on. She is sweet and compassionate...and loves with all of her heart and then some. She will very quickly become the most important person in your life, and once you have her, hold on to her with all of your strength because that is one girl you do not want to lose. Robyn never fails to take away my breath with each and every smile that is aimed in my direction. She is a selfless person, and puts her all into everything she does. She is dedicated, strong-willed, persistent, and the most genuine girl in the world. Robyn is the missing piece of my puzzle. She leaves me speechless, and longing for more. I look forward to waking up beside her, and falling asleep in her arms. And her kisses should be illegal because they make me unable to concentrate on anything else in that moment. Robyn means the absolute world to me, and if I had the choice of her and air, I would choose her every single time. Robyn is the single most beautiful girl out there. <3
Girl: Oh my god! Who is that girl? I've never seen anyone so fucking gorgeous!

Me: Ohh...that's a Robyn , yeah she's fucking amazing. And all mine ;)
by LoveHerMoreThanAir<3 June 22, 2011

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