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Lov·ar·chy love-are-key

noun, plural-chies.
1. A Jesus-Gandhi ideology, involving the study and pursuit of a barrier-breaking, radical, nonviolent, ultra-aggressive love, imposing an undivided humanity through selfless suffering, to defeat the systems that erode humanity by refusing to play their game.
Patriarchy has pillaged society for thousands of years, promoting domination and violence for far too long. The only ideology that can save us now is lovarchy.

I'm not religious, neither am I atheistic. I'm neither superstitious nor materialist-reductionist. I don't believe in fairy tales, but I cannot ignore the truth I have encountered in beauty, goodness and love. You could call me a lovarchist.
by Lovarchist April 13, 2010

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noun, plural-chists.
A Lovarchist is person who lives by Lovarchy, i.e. is ruled by love - not in a sense of love being absolutized or legalized, but rather love being placed above Law. The primary advantage of Lovarchy is that it doesn't rely on entire groups to live by it for it to be beneficial. It's not a way of ruling others, but a way of ruling ourselves.

See also: Lovarchy.
In response to the question ‘How would you define yourself?’ the Lovarchist responds with ‘Human’. This may sound at first like the classic post-modern anti-label attitude, but actually… ‘human’ is the highest affiliation one can make, the biggest label one can claim. It both embraces all stereotypes and dismisses them. It encompasses all traditions and transcends them.
by Lovarchist May 13, 2010

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