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An endearing term Genesse Cream Ale aficionadoes have given their beverage of choice. Creamers are beloved for their smooth taste, affordable price, effective alcohol content, and numerous medals (so many). Creamers could potentially stop the spread of AIDS, end world hunger, and prevent overpopulation if more people simply slammed creamers, not bitches. A traditional creamer comes in a shiny aluminum can which adds a touch of class to any social situation; however, creamer bottles have garnered attention at recent formal funtions.
"Yo senn, I just finished my African American Lit class! Want to slam a case of delicious creamers to the face?" - Hovan
"Yeah, I could do a casual-creamer Friday." - Diez

(2.5 Hours & 30 creamers later. LCA 2nd Floor Hallway. Hovan and Diez shirtless and charging each other at full speed.)

"Creamers! Creamers! Creamers!" - Hovan
"Creamers! Creameer! Creamers!" - Diez
"Meats!" - Diez
"Spiced Meats!" - Hovan
by Loul Dang December 09, 2006
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