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Well contrary to that definiton above me the Upper South is an unoffical region of the United States. It's a region that while it is Southern is Southern to a less degree than the Deep South. The states that automatically come to one's mind are Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. I few pending states are North Carolina (might be too Southern), West Virginia, and Maryland. This region usually refered to as the Mid-South. During a major survey called to Southern focus survey to see the percentage of residence in the Southern states that identify with the South, the Deep South had over 90% (which also included North Carolina and Tennesee) of their residence's identifing with the South Kentucky and Virginia had 86% of their residences identifing with the South. Maryland on the other hand had less than have of their residence identifing with the South. The city's that define this region are Memphis, Louisville, Nashville, Richmond, Virginia Beach,
The point I'm trying to make is that some people like Kentucky yank and all the other pro Northern peopleish (could just be one person) are very misleading when it comes to Kentucky. They are so quick to name Kentucky as Midwestern, when it's the complete opposite from places like Minnesota and Wisconsin. I mean honestly calling those states Kentucky's sister states over ALabama or North Carolina is completely historically inaccurate. Kentucky is purely a Upper South State identical to Tennesse and Virginia, not no damn Ohio, or Indiana honestly give me a break those yankees states have nothing to do with Kentucky, aside from Southern Indiana being apart of the Louisville Metro area.
by Louisvillian A Southerner November 12, 2006
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