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This game occurs when you are at the bar and there are three ladies sitting in the prime seats. It is football Sunday and your team is playing on the big television above the bar. You must force one of those women to move. Fortunately, there are two hot ones(which are always accompanied by a fattie or big nosed goose) and a "goose." To accomplish obtaining the seat at the front one must walk up to the bar casually and start a conversation. As all guys know, the easiest way to obtain a hot chick is to befriend the ugly or fat one. First you say hello to all girls starting with the two hottest ones. Then you address the "goose." You start by flirting and buying them all drinks. You then give a minor rub up on the "goose." At this point, you discuss playing pool or going outside for a cigarette (most fat chicks smoke to lose weight). As you head for the pool tables or outside the fat girl will eventually follow. When she leaves her seat, you quickly circle around to the bathroom where she cannot follow and then back to her seat. Immediately you must indulge in conversation with the hot chicks and the football game. This leaves the "goose" to find a seat around the bar using similar tactics. It is important to never make eye contact again with the goose, so she thinks you are too tire, unless the rest of the players are now bored with the game. This will bring about a much rougher game of "tackling the grenade" or "putting for double bogey."
Damn, the Broncos only play on the NFL network. We are gonna have to go the bar and play duck duck goose.
by Lost Alamost October 19, 2010

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