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An addict of text-messaging who will shuck all personal and professional obligations to answer some urgent piffle like, 'wassuh;' one so twisted into the world of texting that he or she has socially become akin to a testicular torsion
"So there I am, on my knees - I mean, the tears were in her eyes and shit - and right when I go to propose," Jason said bitterly, "she gets a fucking text message from Jenna about a shoe sale at Marshall's."
Chris gulped. "She didn't answer, did she?"
Jason shook his head yes. "Didn't matter, bro. I took the ring back to Zales and got some mad pussy instead."
Chris grinned. "Seems to me like all texticles come in pairs. If you ain't one of them, just get the fuck out of there. That's what my mother did."
by Lorenz Zingiber July 22, 2007
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