2 definitions by LordyLordy

A ten dollar bill. Humorous analogy with benjamins for 100 dollar bills, used in the Saturday Night Live video "Lazy Sunday" by Andy Samburg and Chris Parnell.
I reach in my pocket, pull out some dough.
Girl acted lke she never seen a ten befo'.
It's all about the Hamiltons, baby!

Roll up to the theater. Ticket buyin' when we're handlin'
You can call us Aaron Burr. From the way we droppin' Hamiltons.
by LordyLordy December 28, 2005
Equals Mr Pibb + Red Vines. (From the "Lazy Sunday" video by Saturday Night Live's Andy Samburg and Chris Parnell.)
Samberg and Parnell enjoy crazy delicious snacks when watching fantasy films.
by LordyLordy December 28, 2005