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A man who thinks he's a ninja and as a ninja he must dress appropriately, however he doesn't know what a ninja dresses like.
"Of course I'm wearing a full length swimsuit and a fireman's hat - I'm a ninja, stupid!"
by lord lovington May 18, 2004

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not progressing, not regressing - jus ressin. Can only be achieved by sitting and no thinking anything - rather like enlightenment.
Dude I'm jus ressin... ...fancy a game of buckeroo? Maybe a mars bar...
by lord lovington May 18, 2004

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A person that wants to live in the 70s and plays rockin guitar, harmonica and mandolin. He isn't a stoner cos he doesn't pay for what he smokes and is really cool. Comes from the original homeless Joe who is so cool you've never heard of him.
Wow, you're such a homeless Joe! I really wan't to sleep with you, soooooooooo much!
by Lord lovington April 29, 2004

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