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King, Ruler, Dictator, Iron-Fisted Leader.
One who cares not for himself, but of power.
He is a disciple of the dark lord (not Valdomort) and successor of the angel of light.

Believed to a Dictator, so power hungry in his need to acquire that power he is capable of great evil, but will do what is necessary to keep his people alive.

Thru the thickest shadow and the darkest sea, there will always be blood, but the innocent is always forgiven.
You call your self one of his people, but your are just a means to another ends that is the encompassing need for power that is Memnon.

Do you dare whisper his name, he will cut you down as soon as use you to his darkest designation, you, .....who are you to him!
speak not the name of Memnon for you mean nothing to him.

servant-"My Lord Memnon I bring you....."

Memnon- "Kill him"
by Lord Memnon February 04, 2010

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