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Where grades 9-12 (especially the guys) go to be close to the saint mary's girls down the street. Broughton girls try not to act all offended when their boyfriends are looking at those hot saints, but really they are so deeply wounded by this that they try to bad-mouth those sweet girls on public websites. Also, the broughton girls are so tired of all their guys bringing SMS girls to their dances- that they wanted them to be cancelled because no one had dates. But that's totally okay girls, becuase if you come to your senses and go to SMS you will be accepted b/c we take care of our own.
broughton girl 1: Jeez, are we ever going to catch a break? Those Saint Mary's girls are stealing all our boyfriends, we don't even compare!!
broughton girl 2: Yeah, it's true, but don't let anyone else know how we feel, we'll just play it off like we think we are cooler than them and no one will notice.
by looker April 07, 2005

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Pissed off police officer
here comes the P.O.P.O
by looker December 01, 2003

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A congratulatory phrase uttered from a woman to a man during sexual intercourse. In most cases, the woman is acting for an audience (ie. in-person, recorded, taped).
1. I thought she was enjoying herself but I wasn't sure until she screamed, "Attaboy". Then everyone in the room knew how she really felt.

2. "You like that baby?" - Man
"It feels so good... Attaboy!" - Woman
"Did she just say Attaboy?" - Third party viewer/listener.
by Looker June 21, 2012

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