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1. a female who practices sexual perversion.
2. /Pathology/. a female affected with perversion.
3. feminine form of pervert.
1. Wow, Tiffany is such an eternal pervertess.
2. "What's a pervertess?" "It's like a pervert, but with -ess added to the end of it. Like a lioness."
3. Like the male pervert, the female pervertess has a very dirty mind, rivaling and sometimes even overtaking her male counterpart.
by LookAtThatAss August 6, 2011
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1. Not consensual; not brought into being or happening by mutual consent.

2. Without permission, without consensus, with coercion, especially said of sexual relations.

Synonym: nonconsensual, non-consensual
Antonym: consensual
1. MB's needle phobia rendered her temporarily incompetent and a unconsensual caesarean section would be lawful.
2. Unconsensual decision-making process within organs of IOs The third interesting result of this research relates to the method of adoption of decisions of IOs as compared to international treaties.
3. Unconsensual Cunnilingus is alleged to have occurred in only 3–9% of reported sexual assaults.
4. My testimony was unconsensual as I was forced to rat on my husband since our same-sex marriage is not recognized.
by LookAtThatAss December 29, 2014
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