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Derived from the biblical name Hadassah
Hadassah is pronounced had-as-saw'.

Hadassah is the Jewish name of Esther, the daughter of Abihail, of the tribe of Benjamin. After the death of her parents, Hadassah was adopted by her cousin Mordecai.

Hadassah became the wife of Ahasuerus, the King of Persia. After this marriage, Ahesuerus gave his Prime Minister Haman, the power and authority to kill all the Jews in his kingdom. By the clever interposition of Hadassah, this catastrophe was prevented. The annual festival of Purim is held to commemorate this deliverance.

The story of Hadassah is told in the Book of Esther.

Biblical reference for baby name Hadassah:
Esther 2:7
Strong's concordance H1919

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