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A car that someone thinks will get them laid…… but wont lol. This word was coined by people with so much money (a.k.a. drug dealers, mindless celebrities, rappers, ect. ect.) that it causes there brain to become pickled and thus come up with totally ignorant words and phrases to describe the simplest of things. They also have to there credit such words as: baller, balling, “my A game”, player, 24-7, sick, dubs, benjamins, 20” blades, fo shizzle, the entire concept of “spinners”, bling, and ice. To be totally honest it sickens me that people who do nothing to further there community or make the world a better place are rewarded in such large ways.
Scumbag 1 - "Yo Yo Yo man you wanna go ball in my sick whip."

Scumbag 2 - "Fo shizzle my brotha when did you get spinners on that whip."

Scumbag 1 - "Last week man I had to rob like 8 old ladies before I could come up with the benjamins."
by Live the lie May 27, 2005
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“Hooking up” is a candy coated way of saying were going to fuck. It has been adopted by today`s preppy pop culture in an effort to “candy coat”, glamorize, and make “casual fucking” more acceptable. This same preppy pop culture is notorious for abusing the word “like” and can be found in any Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Express, Armani Exchange ect. etc.
Preppy fake pop culture chick - “Yesterday like me and Jason like were almost “hooking up” in the dressing room at like hollister.”

Real Person - “Hey stupid why don’t you just call it what it is FUCKING, get the hell away from me!”
by Live the Lie November 05, 2005
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