2 definitions by Lisa S

1. A beautiful and under appreciated actress, who sadly is known and hated for dating Orlando Bloom rather than for her sweetness and talent.

2. The new Lois Lane in the Superman Returns movie.

3. Beautiful actress with 1 blue eye and 1 blue and brown eye.
Bitch: Omg that girl is such a bitch she totally doesn't deserve that guy.

Poor girl is fated to be another Kate Bosworth.
by Lisa S January 14, 2006
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An overrated actor by his fangirls, and a truly hated actor by the critics. He's had 3 flops in a row now yet his career will survive because Johnny Depp will keep him a float with POTC.

Attracts rabid fangirls who have an unrationale hate for his girlfriend.

Also attracts rabid fangirls and fanboys who will believe till their dying day that he's gay.
He's not gay, he's not talented, yes he's attractive, but no he's never going to sleep with you, he's just Orlando Bloom.
by Lisa S January 14, 2006
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