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Chicken Burger Night

Originating in Perth, Western Australia during the March of 2009, it is the fast growing custom of having chicken burgers on a Thursday night. The original tradition is highly specific in terms of ingredients which include Ingham’s Sweet Thai Chilli burgers, McCain’s Hot Bandito Wedges and Tabasco sauce. As the custom is becoming more popular, variations to the original are becoming commonplace and each household or friend circle may have their own take on this neo-classic institution.

Convention dictates, even among university students, that the household hosting the CBN covers the costs although those invitees not contributing in the form of quality alcohol should not expect repeat invites.

It is a considered good form to provide entertainment at a CBN. This need not be a costly exercise, YouTube videos are used extensively for their comedic value and may be considered the benchmark for all other entertainment. Other forms of entertainment include grudge matches, cheese, scotch whisky sampling, top-less bartenders, strippers or any combination of the above.
Host: Who's in for CBN?
Good Friend: Cool I'm in, I'll bring a carton!
Best Friend: I'll be there! btw next week it's at my place, I've hired some skimpy barmaids for the night!

Host: Hey are you coming for CBN this week?
Friend: Nah I got indoor.
Host: There will be cheese…
Friend: TROLOLOL kk I'll be there.

Host: Hey are you coming for CBN this week?
Friend: Yeah of course, those burgers are amazing!
Host: You better be bringing a carton of beer!
Friend: L2P.
by Liquidsm0k3 May 15, 2012
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Learn to play. Phrase most commonly used in online games to abuse people who are less skilled (or sometimes more skilled) than yourself.

Player 1 - "Whats up?"

Player 2 (Garth) - l2p
by Liquidsm0k3 October 15, 2011
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