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Another Whining Boy Band with questionable "street cred" - Mostly commonly referred to as a "hardcore metal hip hop band" yet none of their videos shows any members playing instruments, a staple in metal music; while the base instrumets they DO use are the essentials in hip hop. They emphasize many things that have come to pass on all things CLUB GANGSTA, from the early 2000's, with an MySpace addition to the lyrical content. They perpetuate the ridiculousness of "sound board music" with vocal content and stylings of Angry Mid to Lower Class White Males. For the most part, the coming of this band is a direct reflection on the acceptance of White Hip Hop in mass media and how "serious" this style "is". The members exhibit a KISS/Slipknot appeal in that they wear masks that appears to be made from dirty laundry or from a hobby store. A young group they may be, it will soon be revealed that the deliverable sincerity is all, in fact, ICP 2.0
In the matter of the "Hollywood Undead" It is warned that the average ,unsuspecting music listener to reserve a small amount of judgement towards the style of groups like this only so that it is easier to fully scoff at the hilarity of the fanbase; of which vehemently guards the supposed sanctity OF the group to levels that truly reveal the maturity of the defender. The rest of your judgement can be dispensed gratuitiously.
by LifeB4rap July 30, 2009
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