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The most undesirable of the Disney princesses, Beauty (or Belle) loves reading and being a pretentious bitch. She also loves beastiality and has a strange fetish for French candelabras which tends to manifest itself during her frequent acid trips. On top of being given the worst and least memorable songs, she ends up with "The Beast", cementing the fact that she has an out of control sex drive and is a feminist. Just to add to this unfortunate excuse for a "princess", her animators also gave her the most realistic tits/ass/waist ratio. Her name is meant to be ironic, as hipsters were largely responsible for the scripting.
GASTON: "Yo, Belle, my dick is huge, wanta peek?"
BEAUTY: "Not tonight, the Beast and I are drinking some absinthe and discussing women's rights with the mop."
by LievTolstoy69 November 04, 2010

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