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To enter a state of profound psychedelic trance / euphoria / physical inebriation after prolonged contact with the male genitalia.

Symptoms of a "Cock Trip" may include, short bouts of unconsciousness, temporary insanity, hallucinations, inability to stand/walk, incoherent speech, loss of memory.
Man 1: "I tell you mate, last night was surreal. I shagged my girlfriend so hard for so long she nearly blacked out, then she went all fucked up on me. She started gibbering absolute nonsense, whenever I touched her skin she kept on having orgasms. Finally she stood up and promptly collapsed on the floor, so I had to pick her up and drag her to the toilet so she didn't piss all over my bedroom. About 10 minutes later she crawled out, going on about something I couldn't figure - after that she didn't remember a thing. I tell you, she was cock tripping hardcore".
Man 2: "Indeed?"
by Licking my mothers ballbag January 11, 2012
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