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A horrid, myopic — and utterly stupid — ivory-tower radical professor at the University of Colorado who — deservedly — caught heat from many sources for comparing the victims of the September 11th attacks to Adolf Eichmann, the chief of the Jewish office of the Nazi Gestapo and the man who implemented the "Final Solution" during the Holocaust, in an essay. In the same essay he belittles peaceful activists who protested the Iraq war. This was widely interpreted as a justification for the 9/11 attacks and justly decried.

There is NEVER a moral justification for harming, attacking, or killing civilians who are not involved in combat, be they American, Iraqi, British, or what have you. Disapproval over a country's foreign policy is never a green light to intentionally murder its people, and the fact that Churchill applauds the deaths of innocents because they were American is what is repellant about him and his essay.

Not to mention that despite his anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-military/industrial-complex rantings, Churchill makes $100,000 a year — more than many of the poor immigrants who washed dishes at Windows on the World — owns a three-bedroom house in Boulder, Colorado; and drives five (!) different motor vehicles, including two pickup trucks. Anyone with any sense, conservative, liberal, or other, should have the intelligence to see this man for what he really is: a fraud and a self-righteous hypocrite.
"Professor" Churchill, keep your damn mouth shut and stop giving liberals in this country a bad name.
by Liberal Centrist March 27, 2005

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