1 definition by Lexcorp

Easily identified as the self-important guy talking to himself as loudly as possible through his bluetooth enabled ear piece. Despite being on the beach, at a movie theater, on a date, in the elevator, or at home in his pajamas he wants people to think he's tech savvy and well-connected. Bluetooth douches come in a variety of forms, from skeezy office guy to overzealous tech geek, the alpha bluetooth douche may also be mistaken for a used-car salesman.
Joe: That dude is trying way too hard to sound important.
Tate: Which guy?
Dennis: The bluetooth douche talking to himself at the end of the bar.
Tate: Ah, the guy drinking the Sapporo who's been trying to pick up the waitress for the last hour.
by Lexcorp February 4, 2008
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